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Established in the year 2019, SAAOL Ortho Care has been working and creating value in the world of non-surgical Orthopedic pain management through our holistic and multimodal approach. SAAOL stands for Science and Art of living and with the perfect amalgamation of these two pillars of healthy and pain free life, SAAOL Ortho Care is committed to provide you state of the art, minimally invasive, pocket friendly and multidisciplinary treatment in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. We have 10+ centers all across the country with our headquarters in New Delhi.

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SAAOL Ortho Care is one of the leading chain of Pain Management Clinics in India. Founded and envisioned by Dr Bimal Chhajer, MBBS, MD, who is the pioneer of non-invasive cardiology and has successfully cured more than 5 lakh patients without bypass surgery or angioplasty, SAAOL Ortho Care follows the similar philosophy of providing non-surgical, holistic, multidisciplinary care of all your body pains. We offer a plethora of safe, proven and highly effective treatments designed to eliminate or reduce chronic pain. With an accomplished team of doctors, physiotherapists, orthotists and dieticians, we provide 360 degree universal care under one roof which follow India’s most holistic and unique pain management protocol that is customized and tailor made for every patient.

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  • Back Pain

    Are you suffering from Back Pain or slip disk or sciatica?

    Don’t worry, you are not alone. Back Pain is the most common cause for a work-related disability and one of the main reasons for people staying home from work.Read More

  • Neck Pain

    Neck Pain is a pain posteriorly anywhere between skull base and thoracic spine. It is often accompanied with shoulder and arm pain. Read More

  • Shoulder Pain

    You never realize the extensive use and utility of shoulder joint until it starts hurting. It is the most mobile joint of our body which is extensively used in our activities of daily living. Read More

  • Knee Pain

    Knee pain is a common problem of patients in all age groups. It can arise due to Knee Joint itself or conditions affecting the soft tissues in vicinity – ligaments, bursae and muscles that surround the knee. Read More

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Riddhima Goyal

I want to thank Saaol ortho care for such a great treatment for my Frozen shoulder, I was suffering for the last few months. I am very satisfied with therapy.

Rajiv Gupta

Very nice staff. Dr. Available was very cooperative & make us understand the real problem.

Kutty Karthik

Had treatment for my knee problem.... Staff is very cooperative and services are good.

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